Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Send your Car Abroad

Most people transport their cars overseas by contracting an auto shipping company, specializing in the transportation of automobiles overseas. They are experts at managing the paperwork and customs. Customs may be a real problem because regulations vary from country to country. The price depends on the distance your car must be moved by boat as well as by truck should you live far away from the ocean. To make the movement as affordable and easy for you bear the following in mind.

Compare quotes for the service.
· * * Compare quotes from all auto shipping companies that you can contact, who specialize in overseas travel.
· * * Make sure they have the right information as to from where and where to the car must go so that u comparisons are accurate.

Submit paperwork to the auto shipment company of your choice.
· * * Two copies of the notarized title documents of the car.
· * * A letter from the title holder if the title holder is someone other than you.
· * * A shipper export declaration. They will tell you what that is beforehand.
· * * A declaration of dangerous goods form

Car insurance.
· * *Check with your car insurance company to make sure your car will be insured while transported overseas.
· * * If your policy does not support overseas travelling, then you will have to purchase shipping insurance. The cost of this will normally be from 1.5% to 2.5% of the market value of your car and can be obtained from the shipping company that ship your car.

Car maintenance and special precautions
· * * Get your car cleaned, both inside and outside
· * * Get your car serviced so that it will operate well when it gets to the destination.
· * * Remove items like roof racks, spoilers or anything that protrudes from your car.
· * * Remove all personal belongings and electronic gadgets.
· * * The only loose items you need to leave behind are the spare tyre, jack and tyre lever.

Special instructions before the car is delivered or picked up
· * * If delivering the car, call the shipping company ahead of time and make an appointment with them so that they can be ready to receive the car.
· * * Ensure that there is no more than a quarter tank of fuel in the car. The shipping company will charge you for draining the tank if there is more than a quarter tank of fuel.
· * * During the winter months, ensure that your vehicles cooling system is filled with 100& antifreeze.
· * * Ensure that you get a copy of the Condition Report that documents the condition of your vehicle. They will give you a copy after you have signed it.
· * * Ensure that you leave a complete set of keys for all the compartments of your vehicle with the shipping company employees.
· * * Locate the position of your vehicle identification number or VIN number before delivery so that time are not been wasted when delivering it. Some plaques on which the VIN number is stamped may be hidden in an uncommon location.
* Remember to book driving test in the country where your automotive is going.

Now your car will be on its way to the overseas location and you have done everything according to law an in line with the policies of the shipping company.

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