Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Safety Tips For Cutting Down Trees

Manny trees are removed by tree removal experts on an annual basis and they have to take certain measures to make sure that nobody gets hurt an equipment are protected. Because it is such a hazardous work however, some of these experts still get hurt when removing trees due to a lot of factors and influences. For this reason homeowners rather get professional people to do it but if you are planning to do it yourself then there are a few important facts to remember.

The tools you are using when removing a tree might be the most important reason that people get injured. Most of them are sharp tools and may or may not be petrol driven which cause fast movement of the blades. If you do not concentrate on what you are doing or get distracted you can injure yourself.

The tree itself is another danger you can never underestimate. Climbing a tree without the needed equipment and safety equipment can be dangerous. Falling from a tree is not always just straight down with a heavy impact on the ground. Sometimes you can fall onto a branch or branches on the way to the bottom and get even more injured than just the injuries caused by the heavy impact on the ground. Other dangers associated with the tree can include the proximity of electrical lines and trees that are unstable because of rotten wood and hollow stems. Be sure to wear the right protective clothes when going up a tree, the possibility of being surprised by poisenous reptiles and insects is good!

When cutting down a tree, inspect the tree for deadwood to ascertain whether the tree will fall where you want it to fall. If you are certain that the tree will fall in the intended space, clean the space of all valuable stuff. It is not good enough to cut the tree down and let it fall, you must also pull the tree in the direction where you want it to fall. Cutting the tree in the correct manner is another challenging task. I definitely would suggest a little reading on the subject of how to cut the tree before you do it.

To cut trim and cut down a tree you will need safety equipment to prevent needless injuries. The following will be needed:* Safety helmet with a face shield to protect you from debris from the chain-saw and unwanted twigs in your eyes and face,* Safety gloves to protect your hands.* Thick trousers and shirt that can withstand the debris from the chain-saw being thrown at you and that can deliver ugly cuts.* Safety shoes, preferably with steel toes to protect your feet.* Earmuffs/ear plugs to protect your inner ear from the damage that the noise of the chain-saw can do.

Maybe the most important safety tip about cutting down trees is to be alert and concentrate. You must look at all angles, behind you and above you because you never know from which direction you can expect a hazard. Do not forget the golden rule; It's better to be save than to be sorry!

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