Friday, January 3, 2014

Penn Fishing Reels, the ultimate experience

Penn reels are one of the most recognized and popular, saltwater as well as freshwater fishing reels in the industry. The reason for this is not only for the price tag that is soft on the purse but also for its robust durability, strength and because its the best brand by far. Its regarded as the best reel money can buy by anglers all over the world.

Construction of Penn reels.Penn reels are constructed in Philadelphia, U.S.A. and date as far back as 1932. They are manufactured by a highly trained and motivated crew. In the beginning they were constructed rugged for heavy use in saltwater fishing. In recent times they are also constructed to take even the most sensitive kind of fishing into consideration.

The spinning reels gearbox and drag line arrangement are fully isolated by a durable metal housing and finished of with a accurate gear assembly so that you can concentrate on fishing while the reel will do its work in the heaviest salt water spray. The gears are manufactured out of just the best metal that can withstand the outdoor and sea conditions in which it is used. Roller bearings are used in construction to allow free rotation of the reel.

The reel are constructed to allow for different resistance settings under a wide variety of conditions without the need for additional equipment. A bail selector switch is installed on the rotating mechanism so that the user can select between manual or automatic bail settings. 

Wide range of reels for every situation.There is a Penn reel, no matter what you want to fish and where you want to do it. There is a wide variety of reels, constructed, with all the needed capabilities and extras to fish anywhere and under any circumstances. They are constructed with the aim to please the angler and to make angling a sheer pleasure. From the most rugged reels up to the most sophisticated angling reels.

Except for the wide variety of angling reels available, there is combinations available to make angling an even bigger challenge.

Accessories and apparel.A wide variety of accessories and apparel are available to make your angling more pleasurable while taking care of your reel. You can choose between lubricants, replacement gears and different gear ratios to suit your needs. To make your angling a really wonderful experience, you can dress yourself in Penn reel brand clothes to show how loyal you are to the brand.

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