Friday, January 24, 2014

How to improve my memory

Lets look at different ways how you can improve your memory. There does not exist a thing such thing as a bad memory, every person can do things to things to improve their ability to remember things. The only circumstance which would prevent you from improving your memory is when it is due to a medical condition. Whether you are a young student that need to remember subject matter for an exam or whether you just want to be mentally fit in a job or when you are an elderly person that want to be able to use and preserve your grey matter, there is a lot of thing you can do to enhance and optimize your memory.

Just as your body need food to stay alive and function in a good way, your brain need food to grow and work actively. So eating healthy food for your body helps your brain to function optimally. Fruit, cold water fish that is high in Omega-3 fats, broccoli, beans and spinach is some of the healthy brain foods. Green tea, Grape juice and even wine when taken in moderation boost brain health and thus memory. Calories and saturated fat must be limited because they are not good for your brain and your memory.

Give your brain enough exercise by exercising your body. Just like the human body needs exercise to stimulate blood circulation and an increase in oxygen in the blood, your brain need circulation and oxygen to stay fit and to memorize new information.

Sleep is very important for the brain, during the period that you really sleep deep at night your brain have time to reconcile and that increase your memory. So sleep and sleep good is a good habit for memory in abundance.

Keep stress in check, stress is a memory destroyer whereas laughter and having a good time with friends or family is a great thing for memory health. Healthy relationships are a booster of memory power so stay happy, be friendly and your memory will benefit.

Give your memory some exercise, by doing things u are used to do does not help. Do something different, read something different, get another routine, and you will increase your memory's ability to remember things.

Try to memorise basic ideas instead of just remembering an small little part of that idea and rehearse what you have learned at the end of the day. Rehearsal is one of the best things for improving your memory.

Relate new information to what you already know about a subject. In that way you exercise your memory and have a definite place where your memory store all information on that subject.

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