Friday, January 24, 2014

How Expensive Should My Watches Be?

How much should my watches cost? The answer to that question is different for every person because the motivation why and if we buy a watch differ from person to person. Every person that wear a watch do it most probably for a different reason and the reason why he wear the watch will determine how much money he or she is willing to spend on a watch. Money, or the availability thereof is the first most important factor that determine how much money I should pay for my watches.

For the poor a watch is not that important because time is not that important. If that same poor person have a job however then time become important, because he or she must be on time for work, they must know when its lunchtime etc. These people will buy a watch for its functionality most of the time. They need a watch that can give them time and if they have to adjust it now and then, it is not a problem. Some of the working poor will not buy a watch at all because they got a mobile phone with time. For the poor, the functionality of a watch is important and you seldom get poor people with expensive watches because they will rather invest money in their primary needs than on a watch.

When we get to the middle class the question; "How much should my watches cost?" Become more and more a question of importance. Now a watch, the type and how much it cost become something else than just a functional tool. However some people still just need a functional tool but they want to depend on accurate time because their live is ruled by time. For those middle class people that just want added value to their watch, the reason why they want to buy a more expensive watch is not about the functionality or accuracy of the watch, they maybe want to fit better into the rich class or just want to show off in the middle class. On the other hand you will get middle class people that buy an expensive watch because they just want a reliable expensive watch that will last them a life time. The children that will inherit those watches will most probably think that it is an old watch and they or their parents will buy them a watch that they like and that satisfy their needs. If they just got functional needs then they will settle for a less expensive watch. On the other hand they might need a watch with added value to fit into their group, impress a girlfriend or just to comfort their ego a little in wearing an expensive watch.

The question; "How much should my watches cost?" are not such a big question for the rich as it was for a middle class individual but now the added value come in the form of a watch for different occasions. They would buy an expensive, durable and accurate watch that fit their personality and style for work and maybe two of them. For going to events and gatherings they will have maybe more watches to fit their image and personality when they are in that audience. But you will still get some people that have only one, very durable, expensive watch because they do not want added value they just need a functional and durable watch that fit with their personality. For these people, their watch is part of them and losing that watch is like losing a very important part of themselves.
As can be seen; "How much should my watches cost", is sometimes answered on the basis of how much money is available but this is not a rule. Some individuals will buy a watch of which the price to high in order to satisfy other needs that they might have. The needs and the reason for their watch or watches is determined by a lot of other factors such as self esteem, pride, fashion and who they want to impress or not.

Another determining factor of how much you are willing to pay for your watch is brand. If you are into brands then you will want to wear an expensive brand name watch that fits your profile, class and the way other people see you. Some people believe that your watch actually indicate who you are.

People wearing speciality watches like outdoor watches, sub aqua and scuba watches have a definite functional need for that specific watch to use it where applicable. These watches is more expensive than normal watches but again these watches must emphasize the person wearing it whereas other people will just select one that they like. And again, most people like a watch for a specific reason, lets just say they like it because it look cool. The watch tell something about the person wearing it, so if you really want to stand out you go for a expensive one in this class whereas the person that just wear one that they like could have bought a cheaper version. The cheaper one do not have the added tag as been expensive.

To get a real honest answer about; "How much should my watches cost" you need to have a look at your financial position at first and determine how much you can spend on a watch or watches. With that amount of money you can go and buy the watches that will satisfy your unique needs, whatever they might be. People who have the financial means just need to focus on what they want as determined by their unique needs. Their biggest problem however might be to find what they want because they have an idea what they are looking for and just need to find it.
The question about how much your watches should cost is a very personal question and will be different for every unique individual. The best way to answer it is that you must spend the right amount of money on your watches to satisfy every need that you have regarding watches, their outward appearance, their brand, mechanical working, speciality and whether they are cool or not!

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