Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Math Anxiety, Nightmare Emotion!

Math anxiety can be described as a feeling of intense inability to do maths and a fear towards solving mathematical problems in your normal live. There might be a academical math problem that need solving but you refrain from doing it because of the negative feelings you have. This might let you forget things and does not boost your self confidence.

We can describe math anxiety as a wicked cycle in a students live. You don't like maths, you can't do it and now because you believe yourself you withdraw from doing maths and being interested in it and you develop a low self esteem. This behaviour together with your feeling of fear and lack of self confidence are the reasons why you cannot perform in maths. And because you cannot perform in maths your self confidence is lower and your fear and anxiety increase. And so this vicious cycle can just go on and on! 

With our traditional system of schooling, not all teachers created an relaxed atmosphere in a maths class. There was always a feeling of fear and tension present. So if maths are difficult for some students they get math anxiety because of the fear and tension associated with maths and thats where their problem start! 

Now, if you identify these feeling and emotions within yourself then you know whether you have math anxiety or not. The first step towards doing anything about it is to know that you have that emotional response towards maths. Most people have it so you don't have to be ashamed of it. You must take control of it!

Force yourself to acknowledge the fact that you are not good in maths at this stage because of the emotional problems. Start asking questions about mathematical problems and be interested in solving math problems. Read as much about math anxiety as you can and understand the emotional effect on yourself. Take control and change it around! Anyone can be good at maths!

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