Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wireless Printer, Review

When using the Canon IX6820 wireless ink-jet printer, your home business ideas will get noticed. It is the most advanced and ideal printer in its class and can provide high quality output of every printable product you can think of. It have the ability and will definitely export your business to another dimension of productivity and enhancement. You can definitely make your business dreams a reality while using this printer. It was especially manufactured to supply a high quality printer with all the add applicable add on's to bring a business to it's full right. 

Key Features
It produce output of 4X6 inch mailers, 11 X 17 spreadsheets as well as 23X9 inches presentation charts and you will be pleasantly impressed by the natural quality. Because of a very high colour (9600 X 2400 dpi) it delivers an outstanding and unmatchable printing detail. Five individual ink tanks give you the advantage of superb colour and if one run dry you can just replace that one. 
The productivity of your business can be greatly maximized by utilizing the down loadable templates for each solution. This greatly improve productivity in that you have templates to use instead of creating everything from the beginning.
Printing speed is extremely fast at 15 images per minute for black and white and 10.5 coloured images every minute.

Other features.The Canon IX6820 have another outstanding feature and that is the image garden software that allow you to put all your special printing features like full special filters and High Definition movie print in one easy to access software application. It also help you to view your photo's making use of a calendar and can be controlled by recognition of your face by the printer. 

Templates that are made with various colours set in different patterns can give inspiration to your photo projects. You will also have access to an arsenal of creative imagery projects to enhance your projects and content with. 
The printer have a one year guarantee and proof of warranty or purchase is needed. 

A wide variety of ink cartridges and paper are available from the suppliers of the printer to fit your every need and ink from cartridges can be bought from other suppliers at a discount price. They claim that the quality is still the same when bought from the original supplier of the printer.

Dimensions and weight.The Canon IX6820 weight is 17,9 pounds with the height being 6.3", while the width is 23 inches and the depth is 12,3 inches.

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