Thursday, January 23, 2014

Street fashion?, What's That?

Street fashion is not fashion that emerged from studios, but rather it is something that evolved due to grouping with certain groups. It is most often part of your beliefs and are more often seen in urban areas. Mainstream trends actually have some of it's origins in the street fashion. Street fashion is about people and what they like to wear and with what they are comfortable. Japanese street fashion for instance can have an array of very different fashions at the same time. So we can accept that street fashion is what any person wear at a given time in the streets of the world.
During the past 25 years there was a social and cultural revolution all over the word. Fashion was always controlled by the upper class but now it is rather controlled by those on the wrong side of the track. This is the most evident in the world of style. Street style have become so prominent and popular that it have more people following street fashion than high fashion.

Youth subcultures in the past and in current times have an certain fashion that identify them as members of that group. But again, it is not a uniform it is just wearing the same kind of clothes that compliment and individuals roots to that group. These youth groups, sometimes you can find many adults here as well, are in the group because they share the same outlook on life. 

Most subcultures have had and still have a definite street fashion that tell who they are:
The; Hippies with their faded bell bottom jeans and colourful outfits. Men with long hair wearing clothes from the sixties and seventies.Teddy; Boys with their long jackets, stove pipe jeans and crepe shoes.Punks; with their, torn clothes, bondage, intimate T shirt slogans and a Mohican hairstyle.Skinheads; with their short spikey hair, tight fit jeans, button up shirts, polo shirts and Doctor Marten boots.Gothic fashion; with their black clothes, stuffed coats, t shirts and boots and make up.Preppy: with sweaters and all different kinds of cultural wear and boat shoes.Rasta; with their dreadlocks, African inspired clothing and Rasta-cap. Hip hop fashion; with ultra baggy pants, ESCO tribal gear. Greaser; with their Levis 501 jeans, sunglasses, T shirts, Motorcycle boots and gel in their hair.Emo's; with their funky colourful straight hair, skinny jeans or tights with sneakers, heavy eye liner and body piercing's all over.

These are only a few more visible subcultures with a definite street fashion that their grouping dictate. In every city around the world and every country you get different groups that wear the same street fashion and everyday, there are even more of them popping out. 
But each person in the world can be seen as a subculture without a group. Nowadays people on the street, that create street fashion, wear what they are comfortable and happy with and that is what create street fashion, our personal individualism. So come on world, create your own fashion and wear what you want!

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